pure misery in candy colored blasts [now with new improved failures in self-politisisation] !

or rather in the tiny, tiny imperceptible.

notes from the underground, i wish: I’m supposed to be learning the cure for cancer for my biology exam tomorrow. But I suppose I must get something down before I do that. btw, I know you probably know, but did you know some Japanese dude made it so now we don’t really need embryo’s for stem cell research and with just the addition of four genes, we can now make embryonic-like stem cells out of skin cells which is good ‘cus they’re undifferentiated and can grow up to be disease free cells that replace the bad things in one’s body. NYT’s soft news coverage.

Various Sevedox: Revelations is Sevedox’s favorite chapter. Being in school makes you discover facets of people you’d never even know was a facet to have. “I like Ecclesiastes too,” he says.

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