A Hard to Resist Invitation

…after you’re so over. (Listen to this week’s shortbus incredibly synthy, disco set and be hopeful)

So I get into work remarkably well rested and feeling good for the 1st time this week – I’m gungho, don’t even need a caffeine pill but take one anyway just for the hell of it. I’d woken up to Alana helping me with my outfit and its possible matching bikini tops and stirring her oatmeal -a girly sort of morning.

Yes, I have plans, I am dressed up for a reason, any reason would do,but this time being a hard to resist invitation:

People of vast and exanding intelligence,

It feels to me as if I have not seen a core contingent of such lovable
characters as yourselves for some time now. Why not bust this bitch
ass slump by eating booze and food. Tomorrow I am actually preparing
to die because I am 26 years old, which is a really silly age to be.
Forget death actually; let us be convivial and cheers me to another
year of purely coasting on fading charm. To augment intimacy and
decrease funding I nominate the beautiful ** to host the
dinner at her house. I know this is last minute but it is also low
key so make it if you can and fucking die if you can’t.

Nobility, a mindset.

Rude awakenings

The XXX has taken it upon himself to text me at 10am with I would love to buyu a cafe. Upon my “Why,”He answered No reason, I just thought it would b nice. i have always thought u r talented woman but was never ur friend 2 support u. The funniest thing I heard in ages.Last night, talking to thetherapist about my childhood (upon her request, I’d rather bitch about current events) – she asked, after I described a few incidents, “Why are you laughing? It’s not funny.”When you look at things in the past they just seem pathetic, funny, maneagable. And she said “I’m angry for you. I’m feeling what you should be feeling but you’r’e not, for some reason. You should be feeling something.” She’s going to help me feel what she’s feeling.

I am feeling the buzz of guarana, which is something. I also have a new project to work on! A. Foundation’s “Speak out against Domestic Violence” grant…due on August 1st, Tuesday. That’s how I like to do – last minute! Chaos! Back to the DV, in all forms

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